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StarLady utilizes the current planetary transits and the natural principles of Evolutionary Astrology to forecast weekly. StarLady and MediaMonk will nourish your Soul and rekindle your Spirit while guiding you through your week. Listen on Apple Podcasts. This really helped me understand Evolutionary Astrology better.

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Kim has a clear speaking voice that was as easy to listen to as her words. I enjoy the give and take collaboration between KM and LeRoy too - it adds a richness and a spark to the information. Host lets her personal political views dominate the podcast.

Grand Mutable Square - The Weekly Astrological Message with Boaz Fyler Sep 14-21 2019

Not open minded or uplifting. The short moments of astrology info are good but not enough to keep me listening. Apple Podcasts Preview.

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These forecasts will involve the current transits of planets and signs. StarLady nourishes the Soul and rekindles your Spirit.

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Edit these tags. Forecast for Oct , Sept. MediaMonk will send out your personal email registration for this live, interactive 2-hour webinar.

Pluto in dutiful Capricorn joins Saturn going direct now at the time of the fall equinox. This one-two punch is emphasizing all the Capricorn themes we have been talking about with the nodal axis in Capricorn-Cancer.

Vulnerabilities are being exposed in our various political and economic systems. Are you operating in a mode of self responsibility?

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Wealth inequality has seen CEO pay outpace worker pay at dizzying levels. Plutocrats literally act and negotiate as if they are above the law. The inner planets in Libra square the nodal axis demand more morality, compassion and contributions to the larger whole.

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It is now time for retribution, fairness and balance. Re-negotiate with teachers, parents, colleagues and bosses from a place of impartiality and justice for best results right now. Chiron in Aries opposes the new moon sowing seed thoughts of our new and evolving healthcare system. Mercury will enter Scorpio October 3rd and remain there during its retrograde period and until December 9th. Oct 3rd, — Pele Report, Astrology Forecast There really is no hurry, As the mysteries of life and death, Reveal themselves subtly, In each and every breath.

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October 3, Would you like to learn more astrology and make more sense out of what's going on? You're not alone! The Dream Team.