Virgo february 19 birthday horoscope 2020

The full moon is undeniably emphasizing the Neptune-Saturn sextile, an astrological syncing that I believe has very much influenced healthcare and drug legislation in America. Neptune governs the pharmaceutical industry as well as all medicinal and recreational drugs, including alcohol. I think this is an important point to stop and analyze and review whether the current systems are working emphasized by Pluto, the south node in Capricorn , OR whether we need to lean towards more compassionate care, community and looking after each other as per the north node in Cancer.

Virgo is the most astute, productive, refined and organized sign though they can frequently let standards slide! Mercury-ruled, like Gemini , this is a busy bee of our astrological wheel, and the energy now supports the completion of projects with many moving parts! In its purest essence, the full moon calls us to shine a torch on the area in question, and can totally bring health and wellness to light. Virgo has a strong resonance with health — particularly gut health — so spotlight your wellbeing, diet and habits!

Consider making breakfast in the morning, starting the day off right; brushing your teeth, maintaining order and routine! This particular full moon is awesome for insights, as Mercury is so prominently involved. However the nature of Neptune is to dissolve and cast a watery glaze over matters, dissolving and confusing our outlook. On the positive side, imagination is super strong at this full moon; artistic ventures can go viral, as the boundaries and usual lines are blurred….

This full moon is a wonderful opportunity to smooth down the crisp white edges of your bed sheets, or a fresh leaf of paper. Eradicate any creases in life and gaze upon unspoiled beauty, whatever that means to you! Kimberly started Star Sign Style to gather together all things celestial in a honey pot of wonder.

Happy BIRTHDAY VIRGO !! Year Ahead Horoscope: August 2019 - August 2020

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Pisces Season And The Full Moon In Virgo February 19th

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